3D TARDIS Leggings


Imagine living in a dimensionally-transcendental space. We would never have an issue with running out of space again. (Because there is no such thing as too many shoes. Only not enough closets. Of course, there could be the jettisoning of closets in order to escape some horrible catastrophe, presumably more horrible than jettisoning all your shoes. But we digress.)

We think shoes are the most important fashion decision you have to make with your leggings. So what do you rock with these? Fierce combat boots? Fabulous pumps? Maybe a pair of red Converse?

Style your own companion outfit (or better, be a Time Lord yourself) with these 100% polyester Doctor Who leggings. The leggings are meant to be fitted, but if you don’t want them to be as tight, order one size up. This product is imported.

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3D TARDIS Leggings

Leggings covered in little TARDISes.


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