A Game For Falling In Love


Play The Love Game and…

  • Turn awkward, boring small-talk into an unforgettable conversation.
  • Get the person you’re playing with to fall in love with you, deeper & faster.
  • Find out if someone is or isn’t your soulmate.
  • Feel more seen & understood with your current Lover.

I still believe in the power of true love and wanted to use this toolkit to help more people fall in love, so I spent the next day building a free app called The Love Game. Within the first 48 hours over 150,000 people played The Love Game, hundreds shared it on twitter and Mark Zuckerberg even “Liked” it 🙂 In a few short days, The Love Game has already become “the date activity everyone must try!”

Inspired, I realized that a physical card game version of The Love Game would be more intimate and special than an iPhone app where you could get distracted with texts and email. Physical cards would be used by couples to create special moments or given as romantic, inspiring gifts – for lovers or friends wanting to catalyze romance.

I spent my 34th birthday designing the cards and packaging; sourcing a manufacturing partner and putting together the crowdfunding page — I move fast 😉 Now I’m ready to get this game to world and help people fall in love! P.S. The Love Game also works great with couples-in-love who want to go deeper into intimacy or even for friends who’d like a deeper bond.

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A Game For Falling In Love

Can 36 questions make anyone fall in love with you? Science says YES! Play The Love Game & find out!


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