Aira Wearable Massager

  • Aira Wearable Massager
  • Aira Wearable Massager
  • Aira Wearable Massager

What is Aira? It’s your mobile massage suite, cleverly disguised as a regular jacket. Relieve tension in your aching muscles with your very own wearable massager. You can now get a soothing massage whenever and wherever to help you relax… All it takes is a click of the button.


Wear the jacket on your flight to New York, or when you’re driving home after a long day of work… Or even when you’re chillin’ in the office.


Who needs a clunky $5000 massage chair when you can get your own massager at less than half the price of a smartphone?


Gentle? Intense? Choose your favourite massage program using only one click on our smartphone app.


Deep kneading into those muscle tissues that ache frequently… It is as effective as your own massage therapist.

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Aira Wearable Massager

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