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The AirBolt is a revolutionary travel sized lock designed and developed from the ground up. We re-examined the concept of a travel lock right from the basics and came up with what we believe is not just the world’s first Bluetooth enabled smart travel lock; it is the first true lock for your luggage. A travel lock’s primary function is to be a deterrent against theft, but there is potential for so much more that will make a traveller’s journey easier. The last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. Travelling should be fun and care-free.

This was our core philosophy that we started out with. Along the way, we pushed every limit: be it functionality, design or the feature set to bring you something that we are truly and absolutely proud of.

Travel lock keys are small, finicky and easy to lose. If you forget your combination, you’re stuck with two options: cutting it open, or sitting down and manually trying every combination before the lock can be opened. Oh, the frustration! =(

The AirBolt is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock that talks to your smartphone to unlock. The AirBolt will talk to your device via an app and unlock with a single push of a button as long as you are the owner and your smart phone is within range of the AirBolt. To prevent accidental unlocking, the AirBolt will simply re-lock itself if the rope is not taken out of the locking mechanism.

We have kept the AirBolt absolutely easy to setup and use. Once you download the app, a step by step tutorial will have you going in no time! You can name your device, add a picture and even set up backup unlock codes for added piece of mind. Never need to remember your keys or combinations again…

If you somehow lose your phone or your phone battery dies during your journey. The AirBolt can still be unlocked by either using the companion app from another compatible phone or by entering a button combination on the AirBolt that you can program.

Landing at your destination and finding out that your luggage hasn’t made it is a very real scenario that millions of people face every year – about 24.1 million bags were mishandled in 2014. With the AirBolt’s crowdsourced GPS network, you’ll be able to see your luggage’s last seen location. This is particularly helpful if you reached your destination from a multi-stopover flight and reduces the hassle in communicating and tracking your luggage with the Airline staff! You may even be able to have your luggage returned to you much faster.

Imagine this: You’ve made it past security and are grabbing a coffee in the waiting lounge. Your flight suddenly makes a final boarding announcement and in a hurry to rush to the gate, you leave a piece of your luggage behind. With the AirBolt, you can set distance controls which alert you either via the app or by using the built in buzzer on the AirBolt if you get separated from your luggage. Also particularly handy if someone is trying to be sneaky and run off with your luggage! You can also set off an alarm manually if you can’t find your AirBolt, or if your luggage is somewhere around you but can’t be found.

The AirBolt has been created out of a necessity for more secure luggage locking options. With today’s technology, there is no reason we should be using a lock and key or combinations. In fact, the AirBolt goes above and beyond simply pair and unlock. Should you choose, you can protect your luggage further by adding a security pin to prevent unauthorised access by someone who just happens to have your phone.

Security checks are an unavoidable part of travelling and are absolutely necessary for our safety. In some countries, TSA’s standardised keys can securely unlock and re-lock travel locks on luggage pieces undergoing security checks. TSA agents are authorised to cut and dispose of any locks that can’t be unlocked using the TSA Master Keys. For this reason, the AirBolt will be fully compliant and TSA accepted. At AirBolt, we can understand that privacy is a concern for many. Be it TSA or anyone else, you may not like your luggage being opened without your consent. The fear is only too real when master key designs are nefariously leaked online. In a world’s first, the AirBolt is the only travel locking solution that allows you to revoke TSA access electronically. If you are travelling to or from a country that doesn’t use TSA standards, you shouldn’t need to have the AirBolt open using TSA Master Keys. TSA or not, you will also be able to see a detailed lock/unlock log showing when your AirBolt was opened: giving you full control and transparency over your lock.

The AirBolt goes beyond a travel lock. Sending a package to a friend and want to ensure it only gets opened by them? The AirBolt allows you to hand-off access to anyone you like. As long as you are the owner, you will be able to revoke access from any shared users.

We will also be making certain libraries available for our developer friends. You’ll be able to build on the AirBolt feature set and make it your own! You can create scavenger hunts, make use of the AirBolt’s feature set for geocaching, buzzers and alarms! The possibilities are endless and that’s the way it should be!

Imagine unlocking the cookie jar only after you've completed a set number of steps!
Imagine unlocking the cookie jar only after you’ve completed a set number of steps!

Through this campaign, we aim to raise a total of $50,000AUD. Reaching this goal would mean that we are able to fund the next phase of our product development: which is tooling, software development and getting the AirBolt into production.

The design of the AirBolt is completely unique yet strangely familiar. We’ve spent countless hours trying to get every tiny detail right so the end product is perfect. At only 55mm (less than 2.2in) wide and 16mm (0.63in) thick, we’ve packed the AirBolt to its seams with features that we know you’ll love. By using the latest in material technology and design processes, we have managed to reduce the AirBolt to a fraction of a size it was before! We now have a team of dedicated engineers, product developers, and software developers working together to polish the experience further before the long awaited launch date.

We’ve designed the AirBolt using a die-cast Zinc body along with a sturdy stainless steel rope that makes it extremely durable and rugged. The design of the AirBolt allows you to lock your luggage from one of three different zones, including a space to thread the rope through a zipper.

Our First Prototype

 Our Second Prototype 

 Now Our Fifth Prototype

With the extraordinary amount of features, the AirBolt’s battery lasts for up to a year* under standard usage conditions. Furthermore, the AirBolt can be charged using a standard micro-USB cable that should be fairly easy to come by should you find your battery out of charge.

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AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

This is not the first smart lock for your luggage. This is the first true lock for your luggage.


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