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BASE by Wiivv is a made-for-you, body-perfect, 3D printed insole with custom design and foot digitization captured via smart phone.

What Is BASE?

BASE by Wiivv is a body-perfect insole that is engineered to maximize comfort, promote alignment and lessen fatigue. Your pair of BASE insoles will closely follow your unique foot curves to give you the support and stability that you need to keep going. To customize your pair of insoles and get measured, all you need is 5 minutes and a smartphone. With this kind of convenience, you’ll never want to go for off-the-shelf again.

Product Features

Getting your BASE insoles is easy. 2D images are taken through the Wiivv smartphone app to capture the unique contours of your feet. These images are verified by an expert and processed in Wiivv’s blazing-fast customization engine to produce a 3D-printable file for a pair of insoles to perfectly fit you and you only. This unique file is then sent to enterprise-grade 3D printers that use SLS technology (a system of powerful and precise lasers) to build a durable and flexible shell. Finally, skilled workers use their crafting knowledge to deftly apply a beautifully designed top layer along with features to further improve comfort, like silicon treads and cushions.

In a kinematic analysis done by a 3rd party, BASE custom insoles have been found to significantly reduce joint loading in the knee and hip – which translates into reduced injuries and increased performance in athletic activities. They give you more control through your full range of motion and help spread the impact force of walking and running activities to areas best suited for absorption.

Our specially designed heel cup delivers optimum stability, shock absorption and comfort. The “hole in the heel cup” design was created in collaboration with pedorthic experts to reduce heel raise. Reduced heel raise is a key feature that allows users of BASE insoles to keep the built-in or removable insoles of their current footwear. The ¾ shell delivers biomechanical neutrality, lessens pressure on the forefoot, and offers better stability.

The Wiivv App

The first step to getting your BASE custom insoles is to download the Wiivv iOS app, where you will create your very own pair of custom, 3D printed insoles in 5 minutes or less. (Note: iPhone and iPod touch available now. iPad and Android will be available by the summer.) Inside the app, you’ll have a wide range of artsy colours, designs and comfortable top sheets to choose from. Video walkthroughs will guide you through capturing two photos of each foot for the measurement step. That’s all you’ll need to do! No expensive consultations with your local foot specialist, and no need to try on dozens of flimsy insoles at the pharmacy. Wiivv makes true comfort accessible to you for only $75 (MSRP) per pair of custom insoles.

Design & Style Options

Function always comes first, but style matters too. We invested in the details of our product, from your name engraved on the bottom of your Wiivvs to the variety of beautifully designed top layers.

4 base colors.
4 base colors.
8 top sheet patterns and colors.
8 top sheet patterns and colors.

What To Expect

Below is the actual package BASE insole backers will receive in the mail. Each one includes a custom pair of Wiivvs with the design options chosen inside the app, a usage guide, and a massage ball to relax your arch muscles.

To use the physical product, place it on top of your shoe’s factory-installed insole, and push it back so it’s nestled neatly in the heel area. For better positioning, we recommend that you be seated when inserting your feet.

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