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1 Altbee


Altbee is a transparent board with light emitting. With so many unhealthy options, altbee believes that the youth deserves to have total creative control over how they stay active. With an altbee minicruiser they can challenge themselves to beat their personal best while feeling confident and staying active.

1 HAIZE the minimalist navigation

HAIZE the minimalist navigation

It is designed focusing on high quality materials, style and simplicity. HAIZE works like a magic compass that, instead of pointing north, points to the destination you set in our app. HAIZE leaves you free to choose your own route through the city. It also makes your ride safer by letting you keep your phone in your ...

1 One Fast Cat

One Fast Cat

For Kitty’s Who Like To Keep Fit Modern life has created a situation where cats are often not able to indulge their hunting instincts. These circumstances can lead to boredom and destructive behavior. There is a solution to the problem that not only will keep your cat occupied but keep them fit as well. The One Fast ...

1 Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

Zubits® magnetic shoe closures make putting shoes on and taking them off insanely easy. No tying, no knots, no laces coming undone. Just lace Zubits magnets onto your own shoelaces. When separated, you can easily slip into a wide open shoe. Close the magnets with a click and go for a run or play sports. Quickly take ...

1 Yes Snowboard

Yes Snowboard

While filming for Absinthe in Jackson Hole last winter, Romain and Austen spelled out their demands for a board that could ride powder as well as the 420 does, but in a twin configuration that would float that well in either direction.This began an intense design and development path that led us to one of the most ...

1 Adjustable Conditioning Jump Rope

Adjustable Conditioning Jump Rope

Are you ready to burn an estimated 135 calories per 10 minutes jumping your way to your fitness goals? This premium jump rope is no playground accessory, its comfortable foam grip is easy on the hands and adjustable design is fit for any height. With its lightweight, travel-friendly size, this quality jump rope is the ...