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2 Python Darth Vader

Python Darth Vader

Originally produced by Disney based on the mold used to cast the actual movies costume. This is a collectors edition, there is only 1200 of these helmets made in the entire world. The helmet number is 235, box is numbered and kept in original condition. ELEMNT will only commission one sale of Python edition Darth ...

1 Life-Size 2.2m tall Armored Batman Collectible

Life-Size 2.2m tall Armored Batman Collectible

Hot Toys has turned it up a notch and announced a Life-Size Armored Batman Collectible for the Zack Snyder-directed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! It’s the first of Hot Toys’ new personal life-size collectibles they are calling the “Life-Size Masterpiece Series.” The movie-accurate and realistic Life-Size ...

1 A Floating Private Island

A Floating Private Island

Private Islands are the unique embodiment of luxury, privacy and freedom. They are like diamonds, the beauty is essential but rarity makes any commodity infinitely more desirable. A Private Island to call your very own may sound like a fantasy or a lifelong dream, but with Amillarah Private Islands it is a very real ...

1 The Playboy Mansion

The Playboy Mansion

The crown jewel of L.A.’s “Platinum Triangle” situated on 5 picturesque acres in Holmby Hills, The Playboy Mansion is a nearly 20,000 square foot residence that is both an ultra-private retreat and the ultimate setting for large-scale entertaining. The Mansion features 29 rooms and every amenity imaginable, including ...

2 Mini Museum 2nd Edition

Mini Museum 2nd Edition

The Mini Museum is a portable collection of curiositieswhere every item is authentic, iconic and labeled. The Second Edition of the Mini Museum contains twenty-six unique, carefully selected specimens, artfully arranged, and encased in Lucite® acrylic. The specimens in this Limited Edition collectible will only be ...

3 Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. Standard with all-wheel drive and a 90 kWh battery providing 250 miles of range, Model X has ample seating for seven adults and all of their gear. And it’s ludicrously fast, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in as quick as 3.2 ...

3 Aston Martin DB5 1/3 Scale Model

Aston Martin DB5 1/3 Scale Model

A limited edition Aston Martin DB5 1/3 scale model, as featured in Skyfall. The car has been refined with functioning Goldfinger gadgets, including remote controlled model machine guns, operational model bullet proof shield, revolving number plates and gear stick with ejector button. With just 100 DB5 models in ...