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0 Animal Egg Moulds

Animal Egg Moulds

Just do a quick Google search for "Japanese packed lunches" and you'll see that the good people of Japan know how to make a seriously visually-appealing meal. They don't simply settle for your regular ham sandwich and banana combo – their lunches are crammed full of exciting characters. It'll take years ...

1 Robocup


Once just a regular street cup; preventing muggings in a dystopian metropolis, only to be murdered and horrifically disfigured, then revived into a cyborg law enforcer. His prime directives: 1. To serve the public (hot drinks) 2. Protect the innocent and 3. Uphold the law. He is...RoboCup. Constructed ...

1 The American Skillet

The American Skillet

This American–made, pre-seasoned cast iron skillet in the shape of the contiguous USA makes for a beautiful gift with a functional twist, perfect for that someone who has everything, loves to cook, or needs a fun excuse to play with their food. Celebrate the art of entertaining with this National centerpiece at ...

1 HyperChiller


The HyperChiller rapidly chills hot coffee and other beverages without diluting them. Hyper Chiller simplifies the once tedious process of making Iced Coffee at home. No more waiting. No more complex cold brew recipes. Just results! Product Specifications: Results in one minute - with zero dilution ...

1 Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters

Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters

We'll admit it: sometimes we eat our feelings. And on a Sunday night, while we're dreading going back to work Monday and wishing we'd gotten more done over the weekend, no one makes us want to eat our feelings more than HBO and George R.R. Martin. Eat your feelings in character with these Game of Thrones House ...

0 DrinkMate


i-Drink Products is your new favorite source for high quality, innovative home and portable carbonation systems. MAKING A COCKTAIL WITH THE DRINKMATE The Drinkmate allows you to carbonate anything.  Through extensive research and development iDrink Products has developed a soda maker that allows you to separate ...

0 TeaTank


It’s gorgeous, sleek cylindrical design with wood-grain finish twist-top boasts double walled lightweight glass to keep your 450ml brew piping hot or ice cold. The removable infuser makes your TeaTank super versatile to use with other beverages and so easy to clean.

0 Joyoung | Soy Milk Maker

Joyoung | Soy Milk Maker

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker is a fully automatic home kitchen appliance which uses a new 3D heating system without a heating tube and instead applies heat to the entire body for more even cooking. Functions: Porridge, Rice Paste, Non-staple food, Soup, Energy Soup, Creamy Soymilk, Nutritious Grain, Concentrated ...

0 Pizzacraft


With the Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven, any gas range can become a pizza oven! This small-but-mighty oven transforms your kitchen into a pizzeria, cooking up hot, delicious, perfectly-cooked pizzas in just minutes. Just as its sister the Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven revolutionized outdoor pizza-making, ...

0 Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

Captain America Shield Waffle Maker makes making waffles fun! It comes with power and ready light indicators to let you know when your waffles are ready. The non stick cooking plates make it easy to get waffles off the waffle maker. Now you can make your waffles look like your favorite super hero!

1 Golden Goose In-Shell Egg Scrambler

Golden Goose In-Shell Egg Scrambler

The Golden Goose is a Hand-Powered 'Kitchen Gadget' That Magically Scrambles An Egg Without Breaking Or Penetrating The Shell! It is hand powered and fun! You can use it to scramble an egg inside of the shell and produce what are known as 'Golden Eggs'. You can substitute Golden Eggs wherever regular eggs are ...

0 Prepd Pack

Prepd Pack

An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart recipe app: Get Prepd and kickstart your healthier lifestyle. Lunchtime: It’s the most difficult time of the day to control what you eat. Eating out or getting takeout can be costly and it's almost impossible to know what's in the food. That's why we ...

0 Customisable Cookie Stamper

Customisable Cookie Stamper

Add a personal touch to your cookies with our customisable cookie stamper! Be the talk of the next party and surprise your friends with a personalised treat. Each Cookie Stamper come with Interchangeable letters, numbers and symbols for endless possibilities. The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a spot of home ...

0 NY Cruets

NY Cruets

Our elegant, distinctive hand-made cruets could be the perfect gift you are looking for. These cruets are ornamental oil and vinegar dispensers that combine the functionality of two separate bottles into one creative, yet utilitarian design. They are the ideal addition to your holiday table and a practical staple for ...

0 Minipresso


There is nothing quite like it. Handheld coffee device, it slides itself into your bag or backpack with ease. With little efforts, it helps you prepare amazing shots, with a quality close to most traditional machines. Don't miss anymore your daily pleasures far from home. Enjoy delicious espresso anywhere, anytime ...

2 Peeta’s Bakery Official Coffee Blends

Peeta’s Bakery Official Coffee Blends

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition - Peeta's Bakery official coffee. Each blend consists of hand roasted beans that are delicately roasted in small batches. Panem Roast: Columbia - French Roast. The Hob Blend: Sumatra - Notes of molasses, mulling spices and cedar. Mellark House Blend: Guatemala - Notes of dark ...

0 MasterPan Frying Pan

MasterPan Frying Pan

The MasterPan's mission is to cook a complete meal, in less time, while saving you money by using just one burner and less water. MasterPan Open Frying Pan 12 x 15 inch (32 X 38 cm) Aluminum Non-Stick Frying Pan Ergonomic Bakelite Handle – oven safe up to 180C (350F). Safe and Durable Xylan® Plus double ...

0 Ember – Temperature Adjustable Mug

Ember – Temperature Adjustable Mug

The world's most advanced temperature adjustable mug for enjoying your coffee exactly the way you like it. Sometimes just a few degrees can make the biggest difference in how something tastes. We’re here to make sure your drink tastes exactly the way you like it. Ember is a connected device that can be used on its own ...

1 The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook

The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook

For fans of AMC's The Walking Dead, Max Brooks, and all things zombies, the clever creators of Fifty Shades of Chicken hack a new parody cookbook filled with snacks for every occasion, tips for cooking under duress, and a love story that will send ripples down your spine--all accompanied by food photography that will ...

0 Eau Good Water Bottle

Eau Good Water Bottle

Eau Good Water Bottle is a filter bottle that uses Binchotan active charcoal. Makes your water taste great by reducing chlorine, mineralising the water and balancing the pH. The water filter lasts for 6 months and amazingly recycles for many different uses after this. Your Eau Good bottle comes with 1 filter. Minimal ...

2 Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee is a grind and brew coffee machine that will make you a perfect cup of coffee uniquely tailored to your requirements. Remote brew Once connected to your wifi, Smarter Coffee can be controlled remotely from anywhere in your home. Wake up mode Schedule alarms so that you can wake up smelling ...

1 Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutters

Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutters

"Batman & Robin. Egg & Spoon. Some things are just meant to be together. So here it is, at last, the great combo... Batman & Spoon! Or at least, here's the Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter - complete with its own spoon. So if you like to take your breakfast seriously, stick your egg in a mask and cape and ...

0 OCD Chopping Board

OCD Chopping Board

The OCD (Obsessive Chopping & Dicing) Chopping Board is made from beech wood. And thanks to being screened with precise lines and boxes it allows you to be extremely precise in your cutting, chopping and dicing. From now on, you don't need to hide rulers, set squares and protractors in your pocket and whip them ...