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1 ArcaBoard 272 horsepower inside a skateboard

ArcaBoard 272 horsepower inside a skateboard

Experience what you've always dreamed of.  Ride across any terrain or water with the vehicle that was virtually impossible, until today. Do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Each time you ride the ArcaBoard you will find yourself at the center of a new exhilarating experience. A huge amount of ...

2 Pyro Mini Wrist-Mounted Fireball Shooter

Pyro Mini Wrist-Mounted Fireball Shooter

It used to be impossible to shoot fireballs out of your hands like an actual superhero, but the Pyro Fireshooter defied nature and gave us the ability to do just that. Now, the folks behind that awesome wrist-mounted contraption just dropped the Pyro Mini, a smaller version that’s much easier to hide up your sleeve to ...

1 Papa Bear Screwdrivers

Papa Bear Screwdrivers

Is your toolbox looking a little stern? A little too hard-nosed. An ugly mass of churning, gloomy steel. These delightful cuddly critters can help with that. Each of these grizzly beasts has a belly full of screwdrivers. Boasting anatomy far more exciting than Optimus Prime himself, their adorable figures pop ...

2 Altwork


Altwork’s objective is to redefine how your computer and workstation work with you, to support you in being more productive, comfortable, and healthy. After five years of engineering and over $1M of founder and angel investment, Altwork is launching a pre-order campaign to finance the additional tooling ...

2 Tesla Watch 1875

Tesla Watch 1875

For gentlemen scientists on the go, this Tesla Watch is the ideal timepiece. The weathered-brass face sits securely on your wrist with genuine leather straps, and it’s accented with two light-up vacuum tube-style LEDs. It’s a gorgeous accessory and everyone will want to ask you for the time. Check out more images ...

1 Sidecar Bicycle

Sidecar Bicycle

The Sidecar Bicycle is a stout three wheeler with a hardwood flatbed and a small 12" wheel.  Here at Horse, we use it for work and for play.  It's perfect for hauling packages around town, but after hours we throw a surfboard or two on her and cruise down to the beach.  It has approximately a 100lb load capacity = 3 ...

1 Wicked Laser: Arctic Handheld Laser

Wicked Laser: Arctic Handheld Laser

The new Arctic is more intense than ever before, with over 2,000mW of fully variable power, all-new modes, and a laser power indicator. Prepare to witness what the next generation of ultimate laser technology can do. Smarter Technology Encased in virtually indestructible aircraft grade aluminum, the Arctic has ...

1 Indiana Jones Leather Bullwhip

Indiana Jones Leather Bullwhip

Our own production bullwhip, used in the Indiana Jones movies, is a moderately heavy whip with the weight carried out well into the thong. The butt foundation is about 8 inches long. The whip is well balanced and has a 12 plait kangaroo overlay. The 8 foot length is measured from the butt to the end of the braid, not ...

1 Rubber Band Machine Gun

Rubber Band Machine Gun

Made completely out of wood, the rubber band machine gun will shoot a total of 672 rubber bands in any person's eyeball of your choice in a machine gun style manor. The rubber band gun will launch a full pound of rubber bands at 14 bands per second using it's 16 barrels, all powered by 5 AA batteries. So after it ...

1 Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Assembly for survival ROTHCO in the box Includes: 2 edges Tinder Thread Compass Whistle Wire saw Copper wire Zoom Square pad (gauze) 2 patches Set for fishing (3 hooks, 2 Floats and 2 fishing line with a length of 4 m) Aluminum capsule Set to Patch (2 needles, thread 5 meters) 5 ...

1 Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

Increase your visibility to oncoming vehicles. Design allows you to signal while keeping your hands on the handle bar of your bike. The surprisingly bright LED lights grab the attention of everybody around you. Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ features an ambient lights sensor which boosts visibility during the day and ...

2 Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit

Luck favors the prepared. If you haven’t already surrounded yourself with running treadmills, then the 72-hour Zombie Survival Kit is at least a step in the right direction. Provides enough equipment to help you survive for 72 hours Contains water, food, warmth, lighting, matches, tools, and a basic first aid ...

2 LootCrate


This month, we’re featuring exclusive items from Terminator Genisys, Borderlands and more, including an exclusive t-shirt you won’t find anywhere else! So back up your hard drive, learn a little binary and get ready to download your disembodied consciousness into Loot Crate Systems!