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FEBO: The Engraver That Lets You Draw And Paint With the Sun

  • FEBO: The Engraver That Lets You Draw And Paint With the Sun

Febo is a simple tool which allows you to draw with the sun. It focuses its rays onto your chosen canvas to create a uniquely personal design. It was designed with the aim of turning nature into beautiful, creative and permanent works of art. Due to its simplicity you can personalize your favorite belongings in minutes! Febo is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Febo is much more than a regular magnifying glass, it is a proper tool designed to make your drawing experience really unique. 

Its wooden body is precisely calibrated in order to immediately focus the sun’s rays once you place Febo on the object of your choice. Its size makes it super comfortable to hold, making your creative projects easy and enjoyable.

IT WILL LAST FOREVER: ink, graphite or batteries are not required

SKILL LEVELS: stencils are included to make your first project easy and successful.

CONNECT WITH NATURE: spend more time outdoors, creating and personalizing your projects!

IT STARTS WORKING INSTANTLY: personalize your favorite belongings in minutes! 

UNIQUE TRACES: every trace will be unique depending on the strength of the sun and the objects you choose to personalize.

MAKE AN ORDINARY OBJECT YOUR OWN: the possibilities are endless!

CRAFTED WITH LOVE IN ITALY: the combination of wood and glass make it refined and durable

Always wear your sunglasses before using Febo. Place Febo on the surface you want to customize. Wood, plywood, cork, leather and cardboard are all compatible materials. Keep the sun behind your back and tilt the surface perpendicularly to it. Thanks to the special design of the sphere on Febo’s base you are able to keep track and see clearly your design.
Once you have removed the safety filter, the lens absorbs the sun’s rays precisely onto the selected material. Now the fun begins, start engraving! The density of the stroke depends on the weather, every cloud will produce a different kind of trace, with different thickness and intensity making it unique.

Febo can be used in any season of the year, even in winter after a snowfall: all you need is a clear sky! 

  1. Trace the drawings with the pencil
  2. Always wear sunglasses
  3. Remove the colored safety filter
  4. Place the drawing surface (wood, cork, leather…) at a 90° angle

Febo is designed and manufactured with care in Italy. 

Every Febo is CNC machined from a single piece of solid European walnut and hand finished without the use of chemicals. A convex magnifying lens, made of durable polished glass, is the operational core of Febo. Every single one is carefully tested before assembling.

The acrylic safety disk comes in a variety of different colors, picked for you by our team, granting each Febo a unique and strong temper. When not in use, the acrylic disk obstructs the sun’s rays avoiding the accidental functioning of Febo.


FEBO uses Minelli’s wood. One of the many reasons why we chose an Italian supplier, rather than a random and cheaper one abroad, was the ability to verify the quality of the product itself. The wood comes from a factory that is state of the art, extremely sensitive to environmental issues, on top of being innovative and using machines that are designed by them. They guarantee the usage of 100% FSC® wood. They also have innovative water-based coatings, energy-saving production policies, clean energy generation, and integrated waste management among many examples. This is indeed a more expensive choice, but we were looking for local, high quality and environmentally good wood suppliers. We’re proud and honored of working with them.

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FEBO: The Engraver That Lets You Draw And Paint With the Sun


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