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FIXD translates what your car is trying to tell you into simple, understandable terms. No vague light. No confusing technical definition. Just the information that you need to know.

The FIXD sensor

Our sensor plugs into your car and connects to the FIXD App via Bluetooth. Get in your car and FIXD is ready to go.

Simple diagnosis

Immediately understand what your check engine light means without having to translate complicated codes.

Consequences of driving with the engine light

Know if the problem needs urgent repair, or if you can keep driving for a few days.

Maintenance reminders

Get helpful reminders when regular service is needed to extend the life of your vehicle.

Keep your family safe

Never worry about the condition of your family’s cars. Protect them no matter where they are.


Sensor plugged into vehicle's ODB-II port

1. Plug FIXD sensor into vehicle

Every car sold in the United States since 1996 should have a port ready for the FIXD sensor to be plugged into. Once plugged in, you can leave the sensor there so that you receive the latest vehicle updates.

FIXD app connected to sensor and detecting problems

2. Connect FIXD sensor to smartphone

The FIXD sensor connects to your phone through bluetooth. If you leave bluetooth enabled on your phone, the sensor should pair everytime you enter your vehicle.

FIXD app showing no car problems

3. FIXD is ready to help you understand your car

With notifications enabled, FIXD will notify you when detectable problems arise.

Where to buy

No more unclear check engine lights


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