Hexcup: World’s Best Beer Pong Cup


Are you tired of having to tell someone to straighten out the cups or ask them to move one back into place after it shot across the table? Are you ready to experience the best? We are, and we’re sure you are too.

And that’s why we’ve taken such pride in providing the proper beer pong cup to complete your experience and finally offer you the best beer pong game available.

Introducing HEXCUP, the world’s best beer pong cups. We set out to make an unparalleled product, and we think we have hit the mark.

Give HEXCUP a try and see the difference we offer.

Perfect Re-racks in 1/4 the Time With No Gaps
No Ghosting (movement during play)
Exceptional Durability
We’ve already purchased a mold and paid for our manufacturer to run a sample lot which turned out in perfect form with exceptional quality. We’ve also teamed up with patent lawyers to submit US patent and trademark applications which will solidify our company’s future. Now we are ready to order a production quantity run of these awesome cups and put Hexcup on the market.

There’s one catch: due to the nature of the manufacturing process, we must make these cups in large run orders to get the cost to an acceptable level. We need your help to pool together the capital required to place this first (quite sizable) production order. If you help us to meet our goal, you”ll be the very first to use the best beer pong cups ever made.

Where to buy
Hexcup: World's Best Beer Pong Cup

The best beer pong cups in the world. From durability to spacing, Hexcups are an improved way to play.


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