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It’s easy to believe sometimes that there is nothing we can do to help people when it comes to genocide and crimes against humanity. We’re here to tell you that there is. It turns out that government officials, banks, corporations and militia leaders are profiting from war. We think that if you removed that profit incentive, you’d remove a major cause of these human rights crimes.  That’s why we’re supporting The Sentry.
Join our Prizeo campaign – make a donation, and stand up for human rights. Every dollar makes a difference.
And tell you what – if you donate $5 or more, you will be automatically entered to win a trip to LA to spend the day with us on the set of “House of Lies” and receive a walk on role on the show! You’ll watch our cast and crew in action, and we’ll get some quality time together throughout your visit. And don’t worry about travel – we’ll set you up with roundtrip flights from anywhere in the world and hotel accommodations for 2. We’ll have a great time!
All you have to do is scroll down and pick a level. If you would like to donate a higher amount, you can get guaranteed rewards and increase your chances of winning.
Thank you so much. Now let’s work together to save lives!
Don and Kristen
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House of Lies Experience

Win a House of Lies Experience with Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell


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