iFetch Pet Toy

  • iFetch Pet Toy

Why iFetch? Because you love your dog, and your dog LOVES to play fetch. We know how it is. We’ve got a fetch-crazed toy poodle at home. His name’s Prancer. He can play fetch all day. Seriously. That’s why we invented the iFetch, so that people can take a break when they need to and so that fetch-loving dogs can play to their heart’s content.

What you’ll love about the iFetch: Fun for everyone when you’re at home. Fun for your dog when you’re away. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Durable design for fetch-loving dogs. Brings a fun new twist to the game of fetch!

The iFetch was specifically designed to work with standard miniature tennis balls (1.5″/40mm in diameter). Each iFetch comes with three iFetch balls, but we know how balls have a way of being chewed on or rolling under the couch, so feel free to get an additional pack of five ($12.50 with free shipping) from our store.

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iFetch Pet Toy

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