Kittens Mafia

  • Kittens Mafia
  • Kittens Mafia
  • Kittens Mafia

Kittens Mafia is a strategic card game from six to even twenty players. Its fundamentals are based on the rules of the classic Mafia party game.

The essence of the game is to read off other players to find out their true identity.

This set is fully playable and will give you a lot of fun and joy and you cannot be bored because every time you will have different configuration of cards and players. Every player will have two cards: character and action card to use. This is our favorite option and the most popular among our friends!

In the basic version players belong to one of two competing groups of the Kittens city – good citizens or Mafia. At the beginning of the game each player draws his/her character card and secretly joins one of the two groups. The game has two phases -the night, when Mafia may silently eliminate one of the good cats by an act of murder, and the day when all players attempt to identify and eliminate the Mafia Members. The play continues until all the Mafia Members are found and eliminated, or until the Mafia outnumbers the citizens.

In the game there are many characters with special skills, like Kittens Angel, Cop Cat, Godfather and Avenger.

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Kittens Mafia

Card game about deception, persuasion, observation and control. Playing with friends is mostly welcome. Kittens are very present.


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