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An entirely new way to take care of your body and mind. The LEAF brings a new level of quality to your life. A beautifully designed health tracker that helps you monitor your activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and understands your menstrual cycle. It helps you improve specific aspects of your daily routine so you can feel your absolute best.


The LEAF is there when you need to refocus and calm your mind. Together with the LEAF app, it guides you through goal-oriented breathing exercises that allow you to take control of stressful situations.


Wake up energized and ready to own your day. The LEAF tracks your sleep patterns, revealing the quantity and quality of your sleep. This data is used to suggest slight or significant changes that help you focus, regain energy and feel good throughout the day.


When it comes to health, everything is connected. The LEAF tracks every movement of your day and lets you know when you need to increase activity and when it’s time to slow down. The LEAF’s innovative smart alarm can be set to vibrate based on your preferences and goals, allowing you to get the right amount of activity for your healthy lifestyle.

Understand your monthly cycles

Understanding your monthly cycles has never been easier. View your ovulation, premenstrual, and period days at a glance, and gain an understanding of how other aspects of your health are affected during those days of the month.

Smart Alarm

Based on your preferences and what is important to you, the LEAF notifies you using a smart vibrating alarm.

WakeUP Alarm

InActivity Alarm

Important Events

Pill Reminder

The most personalized wearable device

You are unique in every way. The LEAF understands what makes you tick and gives you personalized insights for you to feel energized and ready to own your life. The LEAF is designed to allow you to be creative in the way you wear it. Wear it as a necklace or bracelet with LEAF accessories or items you already own. You can also clip the LEAF to any clothing item as a stylish accent. You choose what fits your style best in any given occasion.

Your Way Your Style

A wonderful combination of dark-brown wood and a warm rose gold clip lets you seamlessly incorporate the LEAF into your unique style, while the classic, Silver LEAF gives your style a lightly softer accent.

We found a way to give technology the touch of nature

We shape the LEAF the same way nature shapes the curves of every single leaf on every tree. Made of 100% American wood, each LEAF is unique, just like the person wearing it. Its advanced technology is hidden inside a 100% American wooden housing, giving it a soft natural appeal that isn’t found in other wearables.

Where to buy

The health tracker for your body and mind.


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