Mino Shoe Life Tracker

  • Mino Shoe Life Tracker
  • Mino Shoe Life Tracker
  • Mino Shoe Life Tracker
  • Mino Shoe Life Tracker

Don’t risk injury or leg pain, change out your athletic shoes when the time is right. The Mino Shoe Life Tracker takes the guessing game out of timing a replacement pair by automatically tracking the support and cushion on your shoes as your wear them—without adding any extra weight or bulk to your fitness routine. Watch the progressive lights to gauge when your shoes have done their time, and then on to the next pair the Mino goes!

  • Run or walk without interference thanks to the super flexible & featherlight design
  • Effortlessly track your progress; no need to turn it on or calibrate
  • Follow the simple instructions to easily start using it
  • View your progress w/ the progressive lights
  • Know when the support of your shoe (invisible to the onlooker) is depleted


  • Dimensions: 0.039″ thick (as short as a ½ length orthotic)
  • Weight: 0.04 oz


  • Mino Shoe Life Tracker
  • Spacer for the other shoe
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Mino Shoe Life Tracker

Know Exactly When Your Shoes Are Worn-Out


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