Noki: The Smart Doorlock For Europe

  • Noki: The Smart Doorlock For Europe
  • Noki: The Smart Doorlock For Europe

Noki is the first smart doorlock produced in and for Europe. With Noki you will no longer have to carry a key, just having your smartphone in your pocket is enough to enter your house. Noki is designed to fit on doorlocks with EU cylinders. It can be easily installed on top of your existing lock without removing or replacing anything – it takes just a few minutes.

Auto – Open & Lock Function

Noki welcomes you home: Thanks to Bluetooth & GPS, Noki automatically detects when you approach your home and unlocks the door for you. It also recognises when you are at home and doesn’t unlock the door. When you leave, Noki locks the door behind you. Your smartphone remains in your pocket.

Easy to Install

Noki is easy to install – you don’t have to replace your existing doorlock neither your keys. Attach Noki to your existing lock on the inside of the door and fix 3 screws. Pair it with your Android phone or iPhone and you are ready to control your lock through the Noki apps. Noki can be installed without any professional support within 5 minutes. You have to pull the bolt to open your door? No problem, just configure it within the Noki apps.

Your door should meet the following requirements:

  • A europrofile-cylinder with approximately 3 mm overlap on the inside.*
  • If your door opens outwards, make sure that there are at least 29mm of distance between the center of your cylinder and the door’s frame.
  • A double cylinder with an emergency function.

Share Access with Family & Friends

Noki comes with free apps for Android and iOS. You can grant access codes to friends and family, but will always remain in control of your Noki as you can restrict access at any time. Invitations can be sent via SMS or E-Mail.

Lock Status Always Available

Noki displays the status of your home door right on your smartphone wherever you are. An access log and notifications will keep you updated as well. No more doubts and uncertainties about your door.

Lock & Unlock from Anywhere

With the help of the Noki Bridge it is possible to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. The Bridge allows you to not only operate Noki from within Bluetooth reach (approx. 10m), but also via a mobile data connection from anywhere. Not sure if you need the Bridge from the beginning? You can seamlessly upgrade the Noki Bridge afterwards and extend your Noki. The Bridge needs a WiFi Connection and has to be plugged into a power plug in the near (approx. 10m) of Noki.


Noki is based on the same encryption models used in modern Online Banking. This are open sourced, end-to-end encryption mechanisms and techniques, like Diffie-Hellman based key exchange, XSalsa with 256bit keys and cryptographic nonces. User based cryptographic keys are stored only inside your Noki and your Noki App. No central storage on a server and there is no master key for your Noki.

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Noki: The Smart Doorlock For Europe

Noki is the first smart doorlock for Europe. It opens your door when you come home and locks it when you leave.


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