Range Smart Thermometer

  • Range Smart Thermometer
  • Range Smart Thermometer

Range cooking thermometer for iPhone and iPad. Every cook can use an assistant to cook a succulent turkey, hit firm ball on the nose when making caramel, repeat your best homebrew recipe, or execute a perfect New England roast. Range can help you achieve great results with less effort.

Precise temperatures, raw speed

Grill it your way to get as tender as you like without sacrificing food safety. Leave Range in or spot-check doneness quickly.

Connect your food to your phone

What makes Range a smart cooking thermometer? The Range app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It gets a calibrated temperature reading from your Range thermometer, and comes with USDA- and gourmet-recommended presets for meat and candy, Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, notifications that are pushed to all your iOS devices even if they’re in another city, and a graphing mode to record your experiments.

Graph and learn

Explore the hidden world of your brews and confections. Save, share and compare results.

Remote alerts

Get alerts on all your devices, limited only by your Internet connection. Step out for sides and still know when dinner is perfect.

Gourmet materials, gourmet results

Food-safe silicone and stainless steel mean that Range can hang with any utensil. The handle clips onto pots for hands-free cooking, and the 4.5’ silicone cable is tough enough to stick in the oven.

Flavours for every kitchen job

Every Range is food-safe, heatproof to 450°F, hand-washable, and has a tough 4.5’ silicone cable that connects to the Range app on your device.

Where to buy
Range Smart Thermometer

Smart thermometer. Smarter cook.


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