Segway Robot

  • Segway Robot
  • Segway Robot

A Segway that sees the world and a robot that gives you a ride. Segway Robot can navigate and follow, and he is extendable with many exciting possibilities. The future is interesting!

See in 3D

Intel RealSense RGB-D camera enables depth sensing. Great for development on object recognition, tracking and other cool projects.

Move Free

Control multiple motors to move the robot and see the world in different angles, while the robot is continuously self-balancing.

Track and follow

Multiple cameras and sensors enable Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. Track and follow makes it interesting to take out for a ride.


Being able to connect to other smart hardware let you easily monitor your home and things you care.


Open SDK on Android platform gives you much freedom in developing new applications.

Talk to me

Microphone array let you send voice command to Segway robot from anywhere in the room.


Interface for hardware extensions let you make something awesome, and communicate with the accessory using SDK.


Intel Atom processor makes these applications possible. GPU acceleration is available for vision algorithms.

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Segway Robot

Reimagine Segway in the robotic world


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