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Shuffle is a mobile app that let’s you create and manage multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases right from your iPhone. Each Shuffle number comes with voice calls, text messaging and a unique voice mailbox.

It’s not unusual for people today to only have one phone: a mobile phone that often functions as their work, home phone and mobile number. But sharing that personal phone number with everyone ranging from work colleagues to some random guy looking to buy the sofa you’re selling on Craigslist doesn’t always make sense.

Instead of posting your private cell number to the web, or sharing it with others you’ve only just met, for example, Shuffle lets you set up virtual phone numbers that work with your mobile device so you can still call and text without giving up your privacy.

With a simple tap you can now “shuffle” between your numbers and keep communication separated for your Personal Line, Business Number, Dating Services, Classified Ads (Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.), Job Searching Portals, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), Short Term Projects, Home Business, etc.

If a phone number became compromised by spammers or telemarketers, you can just delete it and no one can reach you on that number again.

In addition to protecting your privacy, Shuffle also makes sense for travellers who want to be able to establish a local phone number when they’re visiting family, friends or others out-of-state.

Shuffle also offers email aliases, which are also often required when posting to sites like Craigslist, for example. With Shuffle, you now have the ability to create a more complete separate identity with its own number, voice mailbox, and email alias.

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Multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases on a single device, managed with the tap of a button.


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