Soft Kitty Fitted Ladies’ Tee

  • THE BIG BANG THEORY Soft Kitty Shirt

We don’t always agree with her perspective, but Sheldon’s mother certainly knows how to manage Sheldon. She’s got years of experience (even if slightly abbreviated since Sheldon went to college at 11) in handling his quirky personality. Genetically, she may have given Sheldon his eyes and knees, but the far more significant gift arrived not via DNA but sound waves. That’s right. We’re talking about “Soft Kitty,” everybody’s favorite contagious lullaby. (See what we did there?) Sing it with us. You know the words.

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr purr purr

The lyrics to “Soft Kitty” and a grey tabby (paws up!) on an ice-grey babydoll (fitted) t-shirt.

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Soft Kitty Fitted Ladies' Tee

We can't promise this shirt will make you less sick when you're ill, but it will make you feel better. Cause who wouldn't feel better with this anerable shirt on?


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