Solar Orbit Necklace

  • Solar Orbit Necklace

It’s humbling to think that every living thing that has ever existed in the universe or ever will is made of the same stuff as we are – very basic atoms formed in the core of hot stars billions of years ago and set on their interstellar journey when those stars exploded. Your fingers, your circulatory system, your brain, they’re all so much stellar debris, combining and recombining in an infinite number of ways, creating life before our own existence and far beyond it into the future. Puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it? Now whether or not you have that extra piece of cake doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, does it? That’s right. We’re your enablers. Thank us later. With cake.

Celebrate our friendly neighborhood star stuff with this Solar Orbit Necklace. Its 21″ length features not only the Sun and all the planets (including the one that got voted off the island), but also our Moon and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And there’s a little star shaped charm hanging off the 3″ extender, like a comet. For those who are about to complain that the beads are not to scale, here’s the deal: we wanted you to be able to lift your head despite the asteroids in the belt being visible. We think that’s a fair trade-off.

For our customers with nickel allergies: This item may contain nickel.

Product Specifications:
Solar Orbit Necklace
A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
The most complete solar system jewelry we’ve ever carried
The Sun (dyed jade)
Mercury (white turquoise)
Venus (crazy lace agate)
The Moon (white turquoise)
Earth (sodalite)
Mars (red agate)
The Asteroid Belt (snow stone)
Jupiter (yellow agate)
Saturn (yellow jade)
Uranus (dyed jade)
Neptune (dyed jade)
Pluto (white turquoise)
18″ chain + 3″ extender with a star on the end for a total length of 21″ with a lobster-clasp closure
Comes in a box suitable for gifting
Materials: Brass plated with imitation rhodium & stones listed above
Dimensions: 21″ total chain length; 1″ across Sun, 1/2″ Jupiter, 1/3″ Pluto
Weight: 1 1/4 oz.

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Solar Orbit Necklace

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