Star Wars Monopoly – The Force Awaken Edition

  • Star Wars Monopoly - The Force Awaken Edition

It’s time to choose your allegiance, the quest for galactic domination is officially on.

Playing as either Rebel or Empire, you’ll be battling mercilessly for solar system sovereignty. None of this bankrupting nonsense, you’ll be trying to establish Bases on as many planets as possible.

The measly game tokens you’re used to have been swapped out for mighty figurines, featuring characters from both the original Star Wars movies and The Force Awakens. With force cards, bankers and cold hard cash – the board itself is also sporting a fancy new do – now adorning a rounded shape – because squares are for squares.

Embark on a quest around the galaxy, buying planets to build Bases upon. Once every planet is owned the game is over – all that’s left to do now is count up the Bases. The player with the most of these, unsurprisingly, wins.

Reckon you can rule the Galaxy? Don’t get cocky.

Please Note:

  • Powered by the force team spirit.

Product Features:

  • Conquer the Star Wars galaxy with this glorious Monopoly revamp
  • New figures, board and rules
  • Ideal for ages 8+


  • Measures approximately 40.2cm(W) x 26.9cm(H) x 5.2cm(D)
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Star Wars Monopoly - The Force Awaken Edition

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