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1 Power Pen

Power Pen

A pen and a phone charger. The two most borrowed items in the entire world, finally united in one ground-breaking device – The Power Pen. On the surface it's a sleek, brushed-aluminium stylus, but with just a few gestures you can unlock the full power of this mighty pen. Give the tip a quick swivel ...

0 PulsePak Emergency Charger

PulsePak Emergency Charger

Meet your new best friend, the PulsePak Emergency Charger. All too well do we know the ultimate bane of every 21st century existence - a dead phone. The number one cause of missed connections, harassing bar-staff and uncontrollable anxietyin mankind. Enough is enough, says this phenomenal little device. ...

1 Solartab Solar Charger

Solartab Solar Charger

The Solartab is unlike any other power bank or solar charger. A truly unique product featuring great design, a high-capacity internal battery and a built-in cover that ensures maximum sun exposure at all times. And a solar panel large and powerful enough to charge even your tablet. The Solartab’s unique built-in ...