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1 The American Skillet

The American Skillet

This American–made, pre-seasoned cast iron skillet in the shape of the contiguous USA makes for a beautiful gift with a functional twist, perfect for that someone who has everything, loves to cook, or needs a fun excuse to play with their food. Celebrate the art of entertaining with this National centerpiece at ...

1 Chair Socks

Chair Socks

You know how chairs make that horrendous screeching noise as they're dragged carelessly across the floor? That's actually the sound of them crying out in pain because you're hurting their delicate bare feet. Now your can put an end to their lamentable plight by sheathing the ends of their slender legs in ...

0 House of Cards Poster

House of Cards Poster

Poster inspired by one of the greatest shows produced by Netflix, House of Cards, an American political drama television series developed and produced by Beau Willimon. It is an adaptation of the BBC's mini-series of the same name and is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. Museum-quality poster made on thick, ...

0 Exclusive Doctor Who Comforter

Exclusive Doctor Who Comforter

The Twelfth Doctor's title sequence is pretty dang epic. When the time spiral starts unfurling, we get a little shiver every time. And to think - it was made by Billy Hanshaw, a longtime fan. He started out with Pertwee but Tom Baker became his Doctor. It must have been like a dream to have been contacted with the ...

0 SLAMP Lamps


The success of SLAMP is all in its DNA, which consists of curiosity for new materials and experimentation and trust in one’s instinct but always through futuristic engineering solutions. A perfect marriage between inspiration from the great masters and visionary force, great passion and undeniable skills, that guide ...

0 TeaTank


It’s gorgeous, sleek cylindrical design with wood-grain finish twist-top boasts double walled lightweight glass to keep your 450ml brew piping hot or ice cold. The removable infuser makes your TeaTank super versatile to use with other beverages and so easy to clean.

0 Coffee Diagram Print

Coffee Diagram Print

This Coffee Diagram recognizes the most prevalent coffee varieties from around the world. There are two main types of beans, Robusta and Arabica. From there, we highlight coffee from almost 20 of the most popular coffee-exporting countries. Each of the final coffee-types is then marked with 3 examples of that coffee, ...

0 Beetlejuice Lamps

Beetlejuice Lamps

Single lamp made and hand painted paper (streamers) on wood base, inspired by Beetlejuice and aesthetics of Tim Burton. Two lamp screen models available (the clear black and black opaque). Filled with resin and foam make it very light and strong.

0 Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

Captain America Shield Waffle Maker makes making waffles fun! It comes with power and ready light indicators to let you know when your waffles are ready. The non stick cooking plates make it easy to get waffles off the waffle maker. Now you can make your waffles look like your favorite super hero!

0 The QuickLock

The QuickLock

The Quicklock - The World's 1st Bluetooth + RFID Auto Lock Doorlock. Finally, personal security and privacy for your home or office. Opens using your smart phone, bluetooth, a wireless key "fob" or a key card. Know who accessed your door and when by checking the history log. Privacy when you WANT it, Security when ...

1 Thislexik


Thislexik is a young and innovative design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2014, Thislexik strives to create products that push boundaries and challenge how conventional materials are used. Worn Coffee Table When you put your coffee down on the Worn Coffee Table, two pairs of denim jeans hold it ...

0 NY Cruets

NY Cruets

Our elegant, distinctive hand-made cruets could be the perfect gift you are looking for. These cruets are ornamental oil and vinegar dispensers that combine the functionality of two separate bottles into one creative, yet utilitarian design. They are the ideal addition to your holiday table and a practical staple for ...

0 Zinteh Lighting

Zinteh Lighting

There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty... If you’re an innovator who likes to think outside the box, these 3D lights are perfect for you. From afar, this elegant lamp looks like an illusion, but a closer inspection reveals its 3D impact, surprising and impressing ...

2 Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee is a grind and brew coffee machine that will make you a perfect cup of coffee uniquely tailored to your requirements. Remote brew Once connected to your wifi, Smarter Coffee can be controlled remotely from anywhere in your home. Wake up mode Schedule alarms so that you can wake up smelling ...

1 Death Star Light

Death Star Light

Everyone's favourite colossal war machine has been scaled down to suit your humble abodes. Begrudgingly stripped of its planet exploding capabilities - this battleship is more about illuminating your humble abode than dishing total destruction. A true testament to the original galactic superweapon in every way but ...