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0 Mortal Kombat Hairpin

Mortal Kombat Hairpin

Hairpin "Mortal Kombat" is based on the eponymous video game and is made of wood and metal. In the center of the hairpin, there is a dragon carved from wood geveya. The hairpin is very convenient and visible, it will be a bright accent to your image.

0 Universe In a Nutshell Necklace

Universe In a Nutshell Necklace

This ''universe in a nutshell'' pendant necklace makes the perfect gift for a physics enthusist or simply a geeky and smart girl. It's made of real pistachio shells painted antique gold and blue goldstone beads. The blue goldstone is a stunning gemstone that looks a lot like the night sky or the universe with a ...

1 TARDIS Men’s Jewelry Gift Set

TARDIS Men’s Jewelry Gift Set

Truly, the best gift you can give anyone is the gift of adventure. But we haven't yet figured out how to wrap up the feeling of swooping in with the TARDIS and snapping up a companion for a frolic through space and time. Still working on how to get the wrapping paper and bow around that, exactly. But while we work out ...

0 Doctor Who Gallifreyan Necklace

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Necklace

Doctor Who, Gallifreyan custom message! Perfect for any age Whovian! Gallifreyan symbols, the Time Lords' home language (around 10 words). Examples are shown in pics, yours will look completely unique depending on your message! Details: 30mm round bezel with glass cabochon Alloy metal Not waterproof Color ...

2 Ringly


Jewelry, meet technology. Introducing our first line of connected rings that let you put your phone away and your mind at ease. Stay connected in style. Ringly connects to your phone and sends you customized notifications through vibration and light. Crafted with hand-cut precious and semi-precious gemstones and ...