1 Doctor Who LEGO Set

Doctor Who LEGO Set

Construct a stunningly detailed LEGO® version of the iconic TARDIS® and role-play the Doctor’s time-travel adventures! Created by fan-designer Andrew Clark and selected by LEGO Ideas members, this set is based on the BBC’s popular and long-running television series about a Time Lord – the Doctor – exploring the ...

0 Doctor Who Colouring Book

Doctor Who Colouring Book

Planets, galaxies, villains, heroes, the Doctor, the TARDIS and the time vortex - all intricately illustrated in this timey-wimey colouring book packed with original Doctor Who art. With 45 stunning images to colour plus classic and timeless quotes from the beloved TV show, this out-of-this-world colouring book is ...

1 TARDIS Men’s Jewelry Gift Set

TARDIS Men’s Jewelry Gift Set

Truly, the best gift you can give anyone is the gift of adventure. But we haven't yet figured out how to wrap up the feeling of swooping in with the TARDIS and snapping up a companion for a frolic through space and time. Still working on how to get the wrapping paper and bow around that, exactly. But while we work out ...

0 Doctor Who Gallifreyan Necklace

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Necklace

Doctor Who, Gallifreyan custom message! Perfect for any age Whovian! Gallifreyan symbols, the Time Lords' home language (around 10 words). Examples are shown in pics, yours will look completely unique depending on your message! Details: 30mm round bezel with glass cabochon Alloy metal Not waterproof Color ...

1 I Love You To the Moon and Back Print

I Love You To the Moon and Back Print

This wonderful set of prints features the quote, "I love you to the moon and back," with a decidedly Doctor Who flair. The first print displays the TARDIS standing on the moon with the words, "I love you to the moon." The second print shows the TARDIS next to a sweet little house, reminiscent of Amy and Rory's to be ...

1 Doctor Who TARDIS Themed Jumper

Doctor Who TARDIS Themed Jumper

A slouch sweatshirt for the Doctor Who fans, this time based on the outside of the TARDIS. Using a Navy blue slouch sweatshirt, I've printed the famous police box onto the front. The sweatshirt is made by a company called Bella. Has a wide neck and can be worn off the shoulder. The sleeves are long enough that if ...

0 Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

If you've always wanted to step inside the TARDIS, here's your chance. This 72" square shower curtain will let you get away from the craziness of the real world, if just for a few minutes. (It works best if you actually take a shower. If you just stand in there, people tend to ask questions.) But when you step inside, ...

1 TARDIS Soft Touch Notebook

TARDIS Soft Touch Notebook

Exclusive to BBC Shop this soft touch notebook has a beautifully embossed front cover featuring the TARDIS door. A perfect size for carrying the A5 notebook is big enough on the inside to fit 250 pages of high quality white lined paper. Finished with a cream ribbon to mark your page and a blue elastic band to keep ...

1 TARDIS in Autumn

TARDIS in Autumn

Autumn is almost here, and this Doctor Who-inspired design seems appropriate for the season. Apparently, even the Doctor is a leafer. The TARDIS design is available on everything from t-shirts and bags, to leggings to iPhone cases.

1 Doctor Who TARDIS Collectors Watch

Doctor Who TARDIS Collectors Watch

The Doctor Who TARDIS Collector's Watch is a classy, professional-looking watch with high quality leather strap and a Stainless Steel case and bezel. The watch features a TARDIS blue leather strap with printed artwork of the St. John Ambulance Association logo and police phone-box sign from the TARDIS' exterior, a ...

1 3D TARDIS Leggings

3D TARDIS Leggings

Imagine living in a dimensionally-transcendental space. We would never have an issue with running out of space again. (Because there is no such thing as too many shoes. Only not enough closets. Of course, there could be the jettisoning of closets in order to escape some horrible catastrophe, presumably more horrible ...

1 Doctor Who TARDIS Bleached T-Shirt

Doctor Who TARDIS Bleached T-Shirt

A stunning hand-crafted design of the magical blue police box. Perfect for those fans of the mad man in a box. Each shirt is unique due to the manual freeform method of creating these. The shirt you purchase will be similar to the photos shown. While this kind of design takes significantly longer to do than screen ...

1 Doctor Who TARDIS School Backpack

Doctor Who TARDIS School Backpack

A fine backpack for school, and a great present for a fan of Doctor Who! Double-stitched double-backed cotton whipcord pack with gabardine lining. A zip pocket, a large section for exercise-books, and a keychain snap link inside, two magnet snap flap pockets outside. Cord-fastened with a flap cover. Comfortable ...

0 Doctor Who Designer TARDIS Watch

Doctor Who Designer TARDIS Watch

If youre going to be hopping about like an over-active Time Lord then youre going to need to make sure youre back in time. This elegantly styled Dr Who Tardis inspired watch, with classic square face and striking blue wristband are just the trick. Just because your a fan of Sci-Fi it doesn't mean you should be without ...

2 Doctor Who Print on Book Page

Doctor Who Print on Book Page

Matt Smith poster. TARDIS print. 11th Doctor. Dictionary art print. TARDIS art print. Dictionary art. Old Style Design is a traditional and creative workshop, where antique and vintage images bring the feeling of nostalgia to your everyday life. This original artwork has been created using a salvaged page from a ...

2 Doctor Who TARDIS Teen Girls Tank Top

Doctor Who TARDIS Teen Girls Tank Top

This is a truly perfect everyday tank. The lightweight cotton-poly sheer jersey fabric makes it a great piece for layering and the longer length and racer back detail gives this tank some flair. Customize your shirt in red, yellow, orange, blue, teal, silver, gold, green, black, white and pink ink.

1 Vintage Style Doctor Who TARDIS Dress

Vintage Style Doctor Who TARDIS Dress

Inspired by Doctor Who, this vintage style dress with TARDIS motifs is handmade with 100% printed medium weight cotton. Zipper closure in the center back of the dress along with hook and loop at the very top. The skirt length on this dress from the waist is 18 inches long. If you would like the dress shortened or ...