The Element Cube

  • The Element Cube

A metal cube consisting of every collectable element. Also available as jewellery. A testament to science!

The Element Cube is the ultimate conversation starter. Containing over 60 elements, in one compact cube, it’s the perfect centrepiece for your office desk or coffee table.

Whether you’re a science geek, a metal freak, or just a collector of really awesome things, this record-breaking cube is perfect for you. From Aluminium to Zirconium, the cube has it ALL.

Many of the world’s finest minds devoted their lives to unearthing new elements. The cube brings all of their greatest findings together, to act as a constant source of inspiration for all who choose to own one.

Over half of the very building blocks that make up our planet, in the palm of your hand.

All cubes will come with an SGS material analysis report, documenting that all 62 elements are present.

Why buy an Element Cube?

  • You’d like to collect Element samples but it costs thousands.
  • You’d prefer to have a minimalist cube you can proudly display, than a messy set.
  • You want 62 Elements now, rather than waiting decades to build a collection.
  • To be one of the first people on earth to own this world record.
  • It’s the ultimate conversation starter.
  • It’s a testament to scientific discovery.
  • You need some killer desk candy.
  • You’re a creative person seeking a source of inspiration.

The origin of the idea came from wondering, “What’s the coolest thing I could put on my desk?”. The result was a cube that contained over half of the world’s elements.

  • Matches Apple products beautifully
  • The perfect size for your office or home (2″ x 2″)
  • Simple in design, yet complex in nature
  • The centrepiece for any collection
  • The focal point for any space
  • Fully scratch resistant
  • Will last a lifetime

The cube is available in two finishes: semi-polished and polished.

Element Jewellery

We’ve used the same 62 metal alloy to create unique pieces of unisex jewellery, with a powerful backstory. Take half the world’s elements with you, wherever you go.


The bracelets are a wearable testament to this scientific marvel. A stylish and minimalist alternative to the cube itself. Take half of the world’s elements with you, always. A story to tell wherever you go.

Polished to perfection. Incredibly lightweight. As minimalist as can be.


The perfect wearable version of the cube. Inspired by the periodic table, this necklace serves as a beautiful reminder of all that our planet is made of.

Can’t decide? Try the Element Gift Set for size – a little bit of everything for the uber geek!

Element Gift Set
Element Gift Set

A World Record!

The Element Cube really is the first of its kind. Containing over 60 metals in one cube, this is truly the largest alloy in the world.

We would love to see this go down in the books as the most fascinating cube on Earth, and as we speak, the good people over at Guiness are learning about the cube themselves!

 Who is the cube for?

  • Those who love science, innovation, metallurgy, or quirky things.
  • The collectors, and purveyors of all things cool.
  • Those creative people who seek a source of inspiration, and a tangible reminder of what’s possible.
  • Scientists, professors, innovators, and geeks.

If you think it would be cool to hold half of the world, in the palm of your hand, the cube’s probably for you!

How were the cubes made?

After approaching a lot of different metallurgy companies, in Europe and in Asia I finally found the perfect supplier. With decades of experience in the field of producing intricate metal parts, and access to every metal required to make the cube, we began the year long journey of producing, and modifying prototypes.

The process used to create the cubes is ‘Powder Metallurgy’. This is the act of taking all 62 metals in powder form, and both pressing and heating them at the same time. This process allowed us to make several different products, of varying shapes and sizes.

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The Element Cube

A testament to science!


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