Thingmaker Becomes 3D Printer



The keys to the toy factory are yours! The ThingMaker™ 3D printer gives you the power to take your custom designs and make them real. Have fun creating and playing with figures that you made yourself!

1960s toy the “Thingmaker” is getting a revamp for 21st century technology. What was once a set of molds for making gloopy replicas is now a 3D printer for kids.

Mattel has relaunched the range, which was originally used to make everything from Creepy Crawlers to characters from Peanuts. It involved pouring a liquid plastic (similar to PVC) into the metal mold then heating it on a stovetop. Once heated and cooled, the material became semi-solid, creating a new toy to play with (assuming the child hadn’t found more entertainment with the scorching hot metal mold.)

The new incarnation of ThingMaker is being pushed as a “3D printing eco-system” which appears to mean it’s a printer with an associated app. Developed by Autodesk, the app lets owners either work from templates or make creations from scratch using individual components. The creations are then printed as components that fix together with ball and socket joints.

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