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Thislexik is a young and innovative design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2014, Thislexik strives to create products that push boundaries and challenge how conventional materials are used.

Worn Coffee Table

When you put your coffee down on the Worn Coffee Table, two pairs of denim jeans hold it all up. There is no substructure inside them—only resin-treated pants and a clean finish.

Dress Chair

Sit pretty in the elegant D Chair. A “dressed” and well-tailored chair beautifully draped to emulate the natural folds in a woman’s skirt. The chair is made entirely from a single piece of clothing and resin, with no additive substructure, making the chair extremely lightweight, without sacrificing durability. She sits well in front of a vanity [a vanity mirror? Cabinet? Is something supposed to come after vanity?] or steals the spotlight in the dining room.

Worn Stool

It’s not your mind playing tricks. It’s a stool made entirely out of denim jeans and resin. You’ll never want to toss on your dirty laundry on the Worn Stool for fear of hiding this statement piece. The denim is coated in resin and left to cure, allowing the Worn Stool to maintain its shape without a substructure, making the products very lightweight with the capability to hold up to 450 pounds. Each stool is individually draped, transforming a piece of furniture into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Worn Double Sleeve

It’s just as chic as the Worn Sleeve—times two. Sculpted from real shirt sleeves, this stand-alone vase is a functional work of art. The inside is sealed and completely water proof.

Worn Sleeve

We sculpted real shirt sleeves into functional works of art. After coating a shirt sleeve with resin and leaving it to cure, the stand-alone vase is completely water proof, so if you’re looking for a chic vase you won’t find elsewhere, look no further.

Worn Planter

Don’t let your plants go naked. Dress up your favorite succulents in the playful Worn Planter. Made entirely from fabric and resin, these stand-alone pots are available in a range of colors that will brighten up your windowsill or patio.

Cactus Chair

The Cactus Chair lets you get comfortable doing something your brain might naturally warn against: sitting atop a 10 inch barrel cactus. The chair’s transparent cast-acrylic planes challenge you to ignore the threat in all its thorny glory. You will be kept on the edge of your seat, surprisingly comfortable.

Arc Light

 The Arc Light is both a light and a wall piece—and you’re in control. Hidden Tesla coils generate an electric arc of energy that pushes electrons through the glowing LED bulbs. The bulbs are completely wireless and only light up when brought close to the hidden Tesla machine, transforming a stationary wall fixture into a functional (and fun) piece of art.

The Arc Light was awarded the 2015 Best of Products Award in Visionaries by the Architect’s Newspaper.

I Beam

The I-Beam is made from solid blocks of cork and reinforced with hidden steel rods for added durability. The versatile form of the I-Beam can be used for additional seating, a side table, or even stacked horizontally for a buildable bookshelf. Comes with a clear wax finish to reduce staining.

Worm Hole Pendant

Hang these cork pendant lights in multiples from the ceiling for a playful centerpiece or place one atop your nightstand. The 10 foot fabric colored cords are available in a range of colors for every room.

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