Tritium GlowRing

  • Glowing Tritium Keychain

This self illuminating device was originally designed for marking equipment and personal property that might be needed in an emergency in the dark however it now has literally thousands of uses worldwide! Today people use them as normal key rings, attach them to rucksack pockets or torches so they know where things are in the dark, can be attached to clothing zips or even the dog or cat collar! If you need to locate something in the dark this little gadget will help you find and locate it.

Finding your keys in the dark
Locating keys in the deepest of handbags
Retrieving stuff easily (especially from dark rooms, hallways, cupboards, sheds and garages)
Useful as emergency lighting outdoors
Find keyholes for badly lit doors at night using its glow!
Placed on pets’ collars, so you can find them in the dark
Used as a light pull in bathrooms, etc
Worn in nightclubs
Attached to camping gear or any outdoor clothing
Different colours can be used to identify different sets of keys too!
Attach to tent zips or guy lines when camping
Toilet light pull cords

Can even be sumerged underwater up to a depth of 30m!

Where to buy
Tritium GlowRing

The perfect gift or treat for anyone - even the the girl or guy that has it all!!!


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